Payment Status

The “Homes” table (below) lists the addresses for all of the homes in our subdivision, along with payment status.

Tip: Type your house number in the search box to quickly find your address.

Please note that it may take up to five business days, from the date that we receive your payment, for this information to be updated. If, after that time, you believe that your status is in error, please contact us at


5193Bentley Oak DriveYes
5194Bentley Oak Drive
5217Bentley Oak DriveYes
5218Bentley Oak DriveYes
5236Bentley Oak DriveYes
5237Bentley Oak DriveYes
5254Bentley Oak DriveYes
5257Bentley Oak DriveYes
5270Bentley Oak DriveYes
5275Bentley Oak DriveYes
5293Bentley Oak DriveYes
5296Bentley Oak DriveYes
5308Bentley Oak DriveYes
5311Bentley Oak DriveYes
5327Bentley Oak DriveYes
5330Bentley Oak DriveYes
5341Bentley Oak DriveYes
5350Bentley Oak DriveYes
5363Bentley Oak DriveYes
5372Bentley Oak Drive
5322Crestwood DriveYes
5335Crestwood DriveYes
5376Crestwood DriveYes
5383Crestwood DriveYes
5390Crestwood DriveYes
5410Crestwood DriveYes
5413Crestwood DriveYes
5428Crestwood DriveYes
5437Crestwood DriveYes
5450Crestwood DriveYes
5464Crestwood DriveYes
5484Crestwood DriveYes
5496Crestwood DriveYes
5505Crestwood DriveYes
5514Crestwood DriveYes
5528Crestwood DriveYes
5529Crestwood DriveYes
5546Crestwood DriveYes
5551Crestwood DriveYes
5567Crestwood DriveYes
5572Crestwood DriveYes
5581Crestwood DriveYes
5594Crestwood DriveYes
5597Crestwood DriveYes
5620Crestwood DriveYes
5636Crestwood Drive
5657Crestwood Drive
5666Crestwood DriveYes
5671Crestwood DriveYes
5683Crestwood DriveYes
5689Crestwood DriveYes
5694Crestwood DriveYes
5700Crestwood DriveYes
3563Heartwood Lane
3573Heartwood LaneYes
3581Heartwood LaneYes
3599Heartwood LaneYes
3610Heartwood LaneYes
3619Heartwood LaneYes
3628Heartwood LaneYes
3637Heartwood LaneYes
3646Heartwood LaneYes
3655Heartwood LaneYes
3668Heartwood LaneYes
3673Heartwood LaneYes
3684Heartwood Lane
3691Heartwood LaneYes
3711Heartwood LaneYes
3729Heartwood LaneYes
3742Heartwood LaneYes
3753Heartwood LaneYes
3828Heartwood LaneYes
3869Heartwood LaneYes
3870Heartwood LaneYes
3888Heartwood LaneYes
3889Heartwood Lane
3907Heartwood LaneYes
3908Heartwood LaneYes
3923Heartwood LaneYes
3932Heartwood LaneYes
3939Heartwood LaneYes
3954Heartwood LaneYes
3957Heartwood LaneYes
3972Heartwood LaneYes
3977Heartwood Lane
3990Heartwood LaneYes
3997Heartwood LaneYes
4008Heartwood LaneYes
4019Heartwood LaneYes
4041Heartwood LaneYes
5116Larkspur LaneYes
5121Larkspur LaneYes
5128Larkspur LaneYes
5138Larkspur LaneYes
5148Larkspur LaneYes
5211Larkspur LaneYes
5216Larkspur LaneYes
5232Larkspur LaneYes
5233Larkspur LaneYes
5252Larkspur LaneYes
5253Larkspur LaneYes
5267Larkspur LaneYes
5272Larkspur LaneYes
5288Larkspur Lane
5289Larkspur LaneYes
5305Larkspur LaneYes
5312Larkspur LaneYes
5323Larkspur Lane
5343Larkspur LaneYes
5344Larkspur LaneYes
3755Lost Willow DriveYes
3760Lost Willow DriveYes
3763Lost Willow Drive
3767Lost Willow Drive
3770Lost Willow DriveYes
3779Lost Willow DriveYes
3784Lost Willow DriveYes
3787Lost Willow DriveYes
3798Lost Willow DriveYes
3805Lost Willow DriveYes
3814Lost Willow DriveYes
3823Lost Willow DriveYes
3838Lost Willow DriveYes
3840Lost Willow DriveYes
3850Lost Willow DriveYes
3867Lost Willow DriveYes
3872Lost Willow DriveYes
3877Lost Willow DriveYes
3893Lost Willow DriveYes
3904Lost Willow DriveYes
3907Lost Willow DriveYes
3917Lost Willow DriveYes
3920Lost Willow DriveYes
4059Lost Willow DriveYes
4069Lost Willow DriveYes
5047Sentinel Oak DriveYes
5069Sentinel Oak DriveYes
5087Sentinel Oak DriveYes
5107Sentinel Oak DriveYes
5119Songwood DriveYes
5120Songwood DriveYes
5128Songwood DriveYes
5129Songwood DriveYes
5138Songwood DriveYes
5141Songwood DriveYes
5157Songwood DriveYes
5158Songwood DriveYes
5126Spire Oaks Drive
5127Spire Oaks DriveYes
5129Spire Oaks DriveYes
5130Spire Oaks DriveYes
5141Spire Oaks DriveYes
5142Spire Oaks Drive
5158Spire Oaks DriveYes
5159Spire Oaks DriveYes
5171Spire Oaks DriveYes
5172Spire Oaks DriveYes
5191Spire Oaks DriveYes
5205Spire Oaks DriveYes
5219Spire Oaks DriveYes
5235Spire Oaks Drive
5255Spire Oaks DriveYes
3625Springside DriveYes
3646Springside DriveYes
3655Springside DriveYes
3660Springside DriveYes
3677Springside DriveYes
3678Springside DriveYes
3696Springside DriveYes
3699Springside DriveYes
3705Springside DriveYes
3706Springside DriveYes
3710Springside DriveYes
5060Tinewood DriveYes
5063Tinewood DriveYes
5064Tinewood DriveYes
5069Tinewood DriveYes
5070Tinewood DriveYes
5086Tinewood DriveYes
5100Tinewood DriveYes
5116Tinewood DriveYes
5134Tinewood DriveYes
5137Tinewood Drive
5146Tinewood DriveYes
5151Tinewood DriveYes
5162Tinewood DriveYes
5165Tinewood DriveYes
5170Tinewood DriveYes
5171Tinewood DriveYes
5174Tinewood DriveYes
3375Woodburne DriveYes
3380Woodburne DriveYes
3393Woodburne DriveYes
3408Woodburne DriveYes
3421Woodburne DriveYes
3429Woodburne Drive
3478Woodburne DriveYes
3481Woodburne DriveYes
3484Woodburne DriveYes
3504Woodburne DriveYes
3507Woodburne DriveYes
3527Woodburne DriveYes
3530Woodburne DriveYes
3545Woodburne DriveYes
3562Woodburne DriveYes
3563Woodburne DriveYes
3602Woodburne DriveYes
3622Woodburne DriveYes
3635Woodburne DriveYes
3636Woodburne DriveYes
3650Woodburne DriveYes
3666Woodburne DriveYes
3673Woodburne DriveYes
3688Woodburne DriveYes
3691Woodburne DriveYes
3706Woodburne DriveYes
3709Woodburne DriveYes
3727Woodburne DriveYes
3728Woodburne DriveYes
3746Woodburne DriveYes
3747Woodburne DriveYes
3760Woodburne DriveYes
3641Wrenwood CourtYes
3658Wrenwood CourtYes
3663Wrenwood CourtYes
3681Wrenwood CourtYes
3695Wrenwood CourtYes
3715Wrenwood CourtYes
3733Wrenwood CourtYes
3751Wrenwood CourtYes
3463Wrenwood DriveYes
3464Wrenwood DriveYes
3471Wrenwood DriveYes
3472Wrenwood DriveYes
3484Wrenwood DriveYes
3485Wrenwood DriveYes
3500Wrenwood Drive
3503Wrenwood Drive
3521Wrenwood DriveYes
3522Wrenwood Drive
3540Wrenwood DriveYes
3541Wrenwood DriveYes
3556Wrenwood Drive
3561Wrenwood DriveYes
3581Wrenwood DriveYes
3582Wrenwood Drive
3592Wrenwood DriveYes
3608Wrenwood DriveYes
3626Wrenwood DriveYes